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Curso de Bruce H. Rogers na Universidade Nova

Ainda sem podermos confirmar o local do encontro entre Bruce Holland Rogers e José Mário Silva (contamos poder fazê-lo em breve), aqui fica o programa do Curso de Escrita Criativa que o autor de Pequenos Mistérios (premiado com o World Fantasy Award) irá ministrar na Universidade Nova (Auditório 1, Torre B, FCSH) de 19 a 22 de Maio, entre as 18 e as 21 horas (inscrições e informações aqui ou aqui):

19 Maio: Managing creative work. The creative circumplex, and why creative writing involves much more than writing and rewriting. Methods for getting and developing ideas. Practice with some techniques. Discussion of fiction in the marketplace: traditional publishing, and other avenues for getting texts into the hands of readers.

20 Maio: Taking a structural approach to writing and the teaching of writing: What are the most useful ways of thinking about how fiction works as a structural strategy? How does point-of-view work, and what are the most helpful ways of thinking about point of view? The technical frameworks that have been of the greatest use to me in writing fiction.

21 Maio: Writing as a communal act. Good workshops and bad. Methods of critique. Managing the social circumstances of writing in both academic and casual groups. Methods of criticism, and practice with those methods. Creative writing as a cultural phenomenon: What is the rightful place of creative writing in the academy? What are some of the good and bad aspects of the role of creative writing in the university, as practiced in the United States of America?

22 Maio: Reading like writers, and the special case of very short prose works. How to open a work of literature as if it were a stolen purse. The compendium as a teaching tool and a tool of self-study. Observations about the requirements of some different story traditions, including the fable, the fairy tale, the inversion story, the problem story, the solution story, the found (organic) form, the fixed form, and constrained writing.

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